Peace Be With You – When Jesus appears to his Apostles after his resurrection from the dead he bestowed upon them the gift they needed most: his peace. The Apostles were afraid. Their master and teacher, Jesus, had been betrayed by one of them, arrested and brutally killed by crucifixion and they were terrified that they would meet the same fate, and soon. Yet, this peace was not an invitation to sit back and relax. Instead, this peace is followed by the request of Jesus, “as the Father has sent me, so I send you,” and the sharing of the gift of the Holy Spirit so that the Apostles can begin to go out and continue the mission of Christ in the world. As we continue to celebrate Easter and the gift of new life in the resurrection, we are at peace knowing that we need no longer fear sin or death. At the same time, we are called, like the Apostles, to fulfill the mission of Jesus through the Church. This is the call of On Mission for The Church Alive! that will continue in earnest with the announcements of the Parish Groupings and Clergy Teams on April 28th. May the Lord bestow his grace and peace upon us so that we may be willing to work hard to enliven our parishes and grow the Church. Visit to learn more and to stay informed.

Parish CONTRIBUTION STATEMENTS for 2017 income tax filing, with the amount of your donations to the Parish are available from the Parish Office. If you wish to receive a statement of your donations made to St. Alphonsus Parish, please contact the Office at 724-476-1476 or drop a note in the Sunday basket or in the mail. Thank you for your on-going, generous support of the Parish.

Called by Name with XLT - We're all called to holiness, but what does that mean? How does God invite us to holiness through His perfect plan for our lives? High school men and women: don’t miss Called by Name with XLT, on Sunday, April 15, 2018 from 4:00 pm – 8:30 pm at Saints John and Paul Church. Come to explore our universal call to holiness through an epic night of Mass, adoration, incredible talks, praise and worship, and dinner. No cost. To register, visit by April 6.

Thank you… “for welcoming the Little Sisters of the Poor into your parish for our collection! It was a joy meeting and interacting with your parishioners and we certainly appreciate their generosity. Without your help we would not be able to welcome the elderly poor into our Home and provide them with the compassionate care they truly deserve. We are pleased to share that our collection totaled $1,657.60. Many Residents have outlived their families, friends and resources and turn to us when they have nowhere else to turn. Your generosity helps us to provide a Home and hospitality to them but most importantly, love, hope, dignity and respect. May God bless you and all the good people of your parish. Please be assured of the Little Sisters continued prayers and please consider visiting our Home to meet some of the Residents your gift helps to support.” – from the Little Sisters of the Poor, Pittsburgh.

The Gospel of John shows us that God became like us; he became a man so that we could become like him and grow closer to him. The Follow Me: Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John bible study invites you to experience the joy of a renewed friendship with Christ. You will experience the joy of divine friendship, and you will see how God— and only God—can satisfy the deepest desires of your heart. For the next 8 weeks we will meet to view an engaging video presentation followed by a time of lively group discussion and fellowship. We will begin Follow Me on Wednesday, April 11th, at 7:00 p.m. in the West Sunbury site of the Parish. All parishioners are invited. Bring a friend!

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Reports of child abuse are to be made immediately to the 24 hr. Diocesan Victim Assistance Hot Line at
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