Dear Parish Family,

My prayers are with each of you most especially at Mass. As I write this the temperature outside was 74 degrees warmer than last Wednesday. I just finished spraying off my Jeep at the car wash in West Sunbury and was laughing because I had forgotten that it is actually white and not brown. 

              As I got re-introduced to my bright white Jeep, I thought I should introduce you to our parish staff in Northern Butler County. The staff have been a great blessing to me and my ministry to our parish family. Christin Miller is our Business Manager and she oversees the finances of our parish grouping and the day to day operations of the Parish Office. Diane Magliocca serves the students of Slippery Rock University as Catholic Campus Minster. We are blessed with 3 women who work closely with each other as they serve the youth of our parish grouping: Amy Baptiste, Katie Boosel & MaryJo Chappell share our beautiful Catholic Faith with our young people in our Religious Education Programs. Amy Baptiste and Thomas Perdian serve in our High School Youth Ministry Programs. 

              Robert Baptiste helps us keep a Web presence for St. Louis for all of those techies who utilize the internet. Safe Environment is facilitated by Janie McFarland, Sandy Zacherl and Connie Malinski. Connie also serves our parish grouping as one of our Secretaries. She works together with Pamela Flynn and Judy Grossman who provide our parish with many gifts and talents to cover our secretarial needs. Our facilities need a lot of tender loving care to keep them safe and clean for all of us. Dave Lambert brings a wealth of wisdom and experience as he oversees the maintenance of the various facilities. Dave is joined by Peggy Lambert, (yes she is Dave’s wife), Linda Green and David Regal who all work in maintenance at our various churches in Northern Butler County and at the Newman Center at Slippery Rock University. 

              I wish that each of you could meet these members of our parish staff. They are amazing people who inspire me day in and day out. They have a great love for our Dear Lord and our Catholic Faith. They are dedicated employees who take their ministries seriously. Something that is very unique about each of them is that they are not only parish staff they are also parishioners. You may already know them because you see them at Mass. They love our parish because it is also their parish. This is where they attend Mass and celebrate the Sacraments with us their parish family and also each of their own individual families. 

             Please join me and pray in Thanksgiving for our staff. If you see them at church or in the grocery store, on the soccer field, at a restaurant, or maybe even at the car wash - simply thank them for their ministry to our parish grouping and let them know that you appreciate all the Sacrifices they make so that we the Catholic Church in Northern Butler County can be the Church Alive!

                                                                                                                                         ​In Christ’s LOVE,
                                                                                                                                         Father Steve 

                                                                                                                        ​ ​JOE CORBI PIZZA FUNDRAISER
The Joe Corbi Pizza and Dessert Fundraiser to benefit Saint Peter Religious Education and Youth Ministry is now underway. Additional forms are available in the back of the churches and in the parish office. Orders are due by February 18th. Thank you for your support!

                                                                                                                                    ​MORALITY CLASS 
​ Father Adam will be hosting a morality class at St. Christopher on March 16 and 23, April 6 and 13 ​and May 4 from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm. This is one of the core classes required for all catechists. It is a 15 hour class, taught in 3 hour segments over five Saturday’s. A minimum of 12 participants and ​a solid commitment is required. Please contact MaryJo at 724-822-3360 to register. This class is open ​to all parishioners, across the northern county Catholic community.

                  News & Notices
Reports of child abuse are to be made immediately to the 24 hr. Diocesan Victim Assistance Hot Line at
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