The Parish Grouping of Northern Butler County 


         It is hard to believe, yet, Lent is upon us! Yes, this upcoming Wednesday marks the official beginning of the
Season of Lent. Ash Wednesday is a time of contemplation, prayer, and good works and the Church wants us to
ponder in what areas of our life we need more spiritual graces. Lent has always been an incredible time of renewal in
the Church, in Parish communities, and in the hearts of individual believers. It is through prayer, fasting, and works of
charity that all Christians are called examine their life. It is during the weeks that follow through our practice of the
Lenten disciplines that we might be able to perceive even more clearly how the Lord is working throughout our lives.

          One of the common questions I hear currently is, “What are you doing for Lent?” It is a fair question and I have always been of the mind that it is good to have a plan for the Season to come. Each of us has such busy lives, yet, through our efforts and discernment we can make more and more time for the Lord. There are a variety of practices that fall into our consideration for the Lenten Season, but at this time I just wanted to highlight two of them, namely, the Mass and Stations of the Cross.

          Perhaps each of us could consider attending Mass just a little bit more this Lent. Of course, we know that
every Sunday Mass attendance is an obligation to all Roman Catholics, yet, we are so blessed to have Mass every day in
our Parish Grouping! We are so privileged to be able to celebrate the Sacrifice of the Mass each day in one of our
Parish Churches. The reality though, is that many people, because of commitments beyond their control, cannot make
a morning Mass, but, the good news is we also offer Mass every single Wednesday Evening at the Newman Center at
7:00 pm! It is my hope that our Parishioners may take this Lent as an opportunity to join our community on Wednesday Evening’s at the Newman Center for Mass! (Please note I also offer Confessions at 5:30 pm every Wednesday Evening in the Newman Center chapel as well.)

          The Second Lenten discipline I wanted to call our attention to are the ‘Stations of the Cross.’ The devotion of the ‘Stations of the Cross,’ or the Way of the Cross as it was once called is offered throughout our Grouping during the
Season of Lent. This devotion is arguably the most ancient in all of Catholicism and helps those that pray it to become
closer to the Passion of Christ. The simple prayer of the ‘Stations of the Cross’ allows us to enter more deeply the great
and profound mystery of the Passion of the Christ and how it affects our life.

          These are just two ways that I would like each of our Parishioners to consider participating in for Lent. I pray
that all of you have a Blessed and Happy Lent and that throughout these days to come we will grow in our appreciation
and acceptance of our Lord’s grace!

God Bless You All!
Fr. Adam

Thoughts from Father Adam

Mardi GRAS

This event is for the youngest members of our parish grouping! (Birth thru 4th grade)

Come join us for a fun Mardi Gras Party on Tuesday, February 25th from 6:30-8:00pm at Saint Peter Church Hall. We will have music and dancing, ice cream sundae bar, snacks, and fun crafts!Hope to see all of our kids – and their families – there!


MEETING TIME CHANGE As a reminder, due to the Mardi Gras Party,  RCIA will not meet on Tuesday this week. We will meet on Thursday, February 27th at 6:30pm at the Newman Center.