The Parish Grouping of Northern Butler County 


         The great Roman Poet, Virgil, once wrote, “Health is Wealth.” I could not agree more. I was reminded of this fact in a big way this past weekend! As many of you know, I was not well this past weekend. I caught a pretty bad case of the cold and it hit me hard. Thank you for all the prayers and concern you expressed. I was reminded in such a palpable way of how priceless our health is. When we have health, we have everything. You could have all the money in the world, but, if you are not healthy it would not matter. I have been thanking our Blessed Lord for the gift of my health and am reminded to never take anything for granted.

Our world has been stunned in the last few weeks as we have watched the Coronavirus spread to each continent on Earth. It has been shocking to see how fast a virus such as this can spread throughout the human population. Despite the fear that this can cause in us, the authorities and the medical professionals have urged us all to remain calm and collected. We have learned that very basic steps can be taken to help try to contain the spread of this virus. Most of these precautions that are included in the Bishop’s notice to us (contained in this bulletin) are common sense. As the Bishop has ordered; we will refrain from distribution of the most Precious Chalice, we will suspend the sign of peace, we will remove the Holy Water from the Fonts, and we are instructed to be sure to wash and sanitize our

In addition to these common sense steps, the Bishop, as well as myself, are urging people in our Parishes that if you are sick or if you are just getting over being sick please do not come to Mass! It is important that each one of us use prudence when it comes to attendance at Mass. Please refrain from coming to Mass if you are currently sick or just
getting over being sick. This is ensuring we can help contain the spread of any viruses that are threatening the health of
our community.

One of the hallmarks of our Savior was the fact that He healed people. So many people in the history of the
Gospels came to Christ to be healed. Please remember in your prayers people who are ill and their caretakers. We can
never take for granted the greatest gift God gives us, our health!

God Bless You All

!Fr. Adam

Thoughts from Father Adam

Father Adam and St. Peter parishioner Dan Duffalo are thrilled to announce a brand new initiative for the men of our Parish Grouping.

The Season of Lent is here! Due to interest among several men in our Parish Grouping to have a faith-based discussion group we have decided to make the “Temptations of Christ” our theme for Lent.

Please join us to talk about the deep and profound meaning of our Savior’s temptations and what they mean for ustoday. We will meet at the Slippery Rock Newman Center in the St. Anthony Room from 9:00 — 10:00 am onSaturday, March 7TH, Saturday, March 14TH, and Saturday March 28TH. We will provide free coffee, donuts, andrefreshments. There is no need to RSVP simply show up!

St Christopher Parish will host the Community Dinner on March 10th from 4-7:00 pm at
St. Paul Church in Butler. We are in need of help, desserts, and fresh fruit, especially grapes and
bananas. Sign up sheets will be in the lobby of St Christopher. Fruit may be left in the hall the
weekend before the dinner