The Parish Grouping of Northern Butler County 

Thoughts From Father Steve 

Dear Parish Family,

          I pray that you are having a joyful Lent. It has been a time filled with many blessings and great joy for our Parish Grouping. More about that in a minute. First I want to remind you of the words we hear during Mass as part of the Eucharistic Prayer for Reconciliation One: “Help us to work together for the coming of your Kingdom, until the hour when we stand before you, Saints among Saints in the halls of heaven”.

          I suggested at the beginning of Lent for each of us to make this our daily prayer. I have seen many of our parish family putting this prayer into action. Our Second-Grade children came together at Saint Louis Church to make their First Reconciliation. The celebration of this Sacrament was beautiful with the parents and teachers there to prayerfully support our children. The same day the young ladies and men from our parish who will be Confirmed this year gathered at the Newman Center for their Confirmation Retreat. Many of them were inspired by the young people from Rock Catholic who made the retreat very spirit filled.

          Other members of our parish family are coming together on Thursday nights at Saint Louis Church for the Lenten Bible Study entitled – A Time of Transformation. Members of our Parish Grouping are coming from near and far to pray and learn together as one family. Finally, on Saturday mornings men of our entire Parish Grouping came together at the Newman Center to pray and to be spiritually challenged during this joyful time of Lent.

          So, many of our Parish Grouping are “working together for the coming of God’s kingdom”. How about you?  Many refuse to travel to the other churches in our Parish Grouping yet they will travel to other churches not part of our grouping. “Help us to work together for the coming of your Kingdom, until the hour when we stand before you, Saints among Saints in the halls of heaven” Still sounds like a good Lenten Prayer. I sure don’t want to miss out on standing before our dear Lord, with the Saints in the halls of heaven because I refused to work together. How about you?

                                                                                                                                                In Christ’s love,                                                                                                                                                                              Father Steve

Men's Fellowship

Father Adam and St. Peter parishioner Dan Duffalo are thrilled to announce a brand new initiative for the men of our Parish Grouping. 

The Season of Lent is here! Due to interest among several men in our Parish Grouping to have a faith-based discussion group we have decided to make the “Temptations of Christ” our theme for Lent.

Please join us to talk about the deep and profound meaning of our Savior’s temptations and what they mean for us today. Our last session will be Saturday March 28TH at the Slippery Rock Newman Center in the St. Anthony Room from 9:00 — 10:00 am. We will provide free coffee and donuts. There is no need to RSVP, simply show up


LENTEN BIBLE STUDY AT ST. LOUIS — Lent, A Season of Transformation The celebration of the season of Lent is an ancient Christian practice. For forty days leading up to the Paschal Triduum, we strive to free ourselves from all kinds of clutter—material and spiritual—in order to focus on God and turn back to Him with our whole hearts. If this “turning back” is genuine, it will be a reorientation, a transformation. It will bring about a real
change in our lives. God has never wanted our empty devotions or blind rule-following. He desires and requires so much more. God wants our very hearts to be turned with love toward Him and toward one another. 

Father Chuck Baptiste will lead our Parish Grouping in this Scripture study. This Scripture study will continue in thesocial hall at Saint Louis Church in West Sunbury at 7:00 pm on March 19th and 26th.