The Parish Grouping of Northern Butler County 

Thoughts From Father Steve 

Dear Parish Family,

         I can’t believe that we are halfway through the month of July! I pray that you and those you love are doing well and enjoying summer. One of my greatest blessings was growing up in a loving family. I thank God for a great childhood. Some of my favorite summertime memories include feeding the fish in our pond stale bread after we finished supper, running barefoot in the yard trying to catch lightning bugs, and just sitting on the back porch listening to the bull frogs and crickets.

        One of the greatest victories for the devil is trapping us in a world of all work and no play. We live in an age of rush, rush, rush. We run around on the grueling highway of modern life. Today, no one wants to be alone, yet at times it is necessary to stop, retreat, and be by yourself.

        Not having a moment’s rest or a minute of silence or meditation is not healthy for any of us. Solitude with God is a most fruitful experience; it is the solitude of two in company with each other. Silence is necessary for God to speak.  We must not fear retreating once in awhile in order to take stock of our spiritual life. Silence is the place where great things are forged.

        Let’s stop and smell the roses. We need that rest which will help free us from tension, wear and tear, and the fatigue accumulated over time. This retreat to restful places will be the best therapy for our insomnias, stress, and heart problems. Rest, solitude and silence will put order to our thoughts, feelings, emotions and even our problems and worries.

        But more important than all this is the fact that God continues to wait for us in the desert to reveal Himself to us and tell us what our mission in life is. That desert might be a pond, in a yard filled with lightning bugs, or on the back porch. Let’s go to a deserted place this week with Jesus to rest. Have a peace-filled week!

                                                                                                                                               In Christ’s love,

                                                                                                                                               Father Steve

                                                                BIG BASKET RAFFLE  

                                                 LAST MINUTE BASKET DONATIONS!!

Calling all baskets!! If you are making a basket for the festival or are wanting to donate items towards a basket, please bring them to the church offices of St. Christopher or St. Peter and St. Louis (the Newman Center in Slippery Rock) no later than July 15th!

                                                       Farmers Market

The Farmer’s Market for the Catholic Family Festival is looking for anyone who has homegrown
vegetables! If your garden is blooming and you’ve got more veggies than you know what to do with,
bring them to St. Christopher or St. Peter Parish office the last week of July!
Thank you very much for sharing your bountiful garden!!

PRAYER TO ST. PEREGRINE Join us in saying a litany prayer to St. Peregrine, Patron Saint of cancer patients Tuesday, July 16 from 6:00-6:30 pm at St. Christopher Church 

A Cancer Support Group is available for patients, survivors and caregivers immediately following from 6:30-8:00 PM for anyone interested in attending.